Fire & Fizz

fire and fizz

Lets eat and drink together
Fire & Fizz is a trendy mobile converted horsebox serving pizza and fizz. We will bring an array of flavours and styles of seasonal pizzas to corporate events, public gatherings, weddings, food festivals, private parties and so much more.

Food is not just to eat, its so much more
One of our greatest passions in life is food. Not just to eat but the creative process involved from start to finish. Food is an art, a science, a way of expression – but most of all it brings people together. Pizza is food for the soul.

We are a family run business
10 years ago in the South of France, we had our first encounter cooking pizza in a wood fired oven. This led to attending a culinary wood fired oven course in Cornwall. The passion continued to grow and since that moment we became fascinated and obsessed with the whole process. It’s back to basics cooking, just wood, fire and the aroma is captivating. After receiving many compliments from family and friends we decided as a family to start our new venture together.

We support local suppliers
Our oven is fueled by local sustainable farmed hardwood trees and many of our ingredients are home grown or locally sourced. Nothing better than wood fired pizza to takeaway.

Contact: Rammy Arafa
Tel: 07835 108046
Email: [email protected]